Rebwar – Plan B

Someone’s been setting him up. Can he stay alive long enough to take down a lethal threat?

Iranian ex-soldier Rebwar still struggles to gain his footing in London. Barely making ends meet driving an Uber, he can’t keep his marriage from fraying. And when the shadowy agency blackmailing him orders an investigation into one of their own, he’s caught between domestic stress and clandestine murder.

In over his head when a key political figure is killed, Rebwar walks a knife’s edge of danger pursuing the truth. But when his main informant disappears, he exposes a plot for him to take a fatal fall.

Can Rebwar finally unmask his sinister employers before he loses his family… and his life?

Plan B is the third book in the gutsy Rebwar thriller series. If you like dark conspiracies, jaw-dropping twists, and noir tension cranked up to 11, you’ll love Ols Schaber’s bullet-riddled story.